Dienstag, 11. Dezember 2012

Dear Dharma friends,

Many occasions in 2012 gave opportunity to share the Dharma and to listen to the teaching of Shinran Shonin, which is so precious to us. But we also shared some very nice casual times together and it fills me with a lot of gratitude to have met so many Dharma friends and some very valuable teachers. To have Friends on the way of Nembutsu, to listen to the teaching transmitted by wonderful teachers is so important and so I would like to thank every single one of you for all the wonderful times we shared with each other.
I would like to express my sincere gratitude especially to Prof. Rev. Sasaki and Prof. Rev Ishida, as well as to Prof. Rev. Aoyama and Rev. Kiribayashi and Rev. Sekiya for all the Support they have given to us while we were preparing and taking part in our Tokudo training in Kyoto. Without their precious help and encouragement it would have been impossible to achieve what we have gained.

I would like to mention a lot more names of friends that have been so helpful, like all the friends from Belgium and Jikoji Temple, but this paper would not provide enough space to mention them all. Still, please allow me to mention two more names of people who took a lot of energy and time to show their sincere friendship to us and the German Sangha. First, Prof. Rev. Toshikazu Arai, who spent more than a month in Germany and Anjin-Do Centre. His advice in so many personal talks and his profound sincerity in matters of the Dharma, his kindness and patience towards us and me, leave´s me with a lot of wonderful memories of the time he spend with us. To put it in plain words, he is a very humble, but for me, one of the most trustworthy and honest Man I´ve ever met.
Then, back in Kyoto we had a kind of wonderful Guardian on our side. She is working at Hongwanji International Centre and her Name is Rev. Masako Sugimoto. She worked so hard and put so much energy into supporting the German Tokudo Candidates that we will never be able to put this into words. You will find it a hard job to find anybody more helpful, friendly and kind as this very special and devoted woman. Now dear friends, we wish you all happy remaining days of 2012 and we send to you our best new year’s Greetings for the upcoming year of 2013.   

May the Buddha Dharma spread and May the calling of the primal Vow be heard by all mankind! May all beings be happy and well!

In Gassho
Rev. Chisho Kobs

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